ViewSonic VX2458-MHD Review

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UHD and QHD monitors have taken over the world of gaming. They produce excellent images and the gaming experience is something else. But there is still a group of gamers who want a simple 1080p gaming monitor to go about their gaming. In this ViewSonic VX2458-MHD review, we discuss one such 1080p gaming monitor that comes with a budget price tag.

Gaming on a budget is always difficult. There’s always something new that comes and it is going to make you sad. But we do believe that gaming on a budget is possible, that too without any shackles. If you’re on a tight budget, then you won’t be able to spend a lot of money on the display. That’s where the ViewSonic VX2458-MHD model comes in handy. It is very affordable and also offers pretty good visuals making it a good choice for many. How good is this monitor? Is it worth the price? Let’s dive in and find out.


ViewSonic is a company that doesn’t spend a lot of its resources on design. This ViewSonic VX2458-MHD model is also a product of that philosophy and comes with a minimalistic design. If you’ve already seen ViewSonic monitors, there is nothing new here.

We have a nice glossy black finish to the monitor that looks nice and makes a good first impression. Even though this is a budget display, this finish doesn’t give us that opinion off the bat. There are different grades of glossiness in the display between different parts. The back face of the display has a nice matte finish that is good to touch.

The bezel design is pretty ordinary. You can say that they have not updated the design of this monitor as we have an old bezel design. It is neither too big nor too small, but it is the right size for a budget monitor like this one. The red accents found in certain areas also add some flair which is nice. 

The OSD controls can be accessed using the buttons on the back face of the monitor. They are located on the right side so if you’re a left-hander, this is going to be a bit difficult. 

The gaming monitor is not that heavy and you can easily move this from one place to another with ease. If you prefer, you can easily hang this on the wall as the monitor comes with VESA compatibility. All you need are some fasteners and you’re good to go.

Let’s talk about the stand. The stand is an attention grabber as it comes with a shiny surface. The stand is made out of aluminum and has a nice weight to it. It helps to keep the monitor from wobbling which is nice. You can swivel the monitor left and right and can also tilt it forward and backward to a nice degree. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the height of the display which is a bit of a disappointment.

Specs and Performance

ViewSonic VX2458-MHD monitor

The ViewSonic VX2458-MHD is a 24″ LED-backlit display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Finding a full HD display in this price range is not a challenge, but this monitor outclasses other models when it comes to features.

The only gripe we have with this display is that this is a TN panel. But at this price point, it would be unfair to ask for an IPS or even a VA panel. The TN panel comes with a decent contrast ratio and delivers excellent colors. The viewing angles might be a bit off, but if you can stay in front of the screen, you wouldn’t have a problem.

This ViewSonic monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz. This is more than twice the refresh rate you get in regular displays and gives you a much better visual experience. The difference is not only visible in gaming but also when interacting with the operating system elements. This refresh rate plays a huge role in reducing the motion blur inside games.

The response time we have here in this ViewSonic VX2458-MHD model is 1ms. For a TN panel, this is pretty good response time. This response time, along with the refresh rate, reduces motion blur, and ghosting to a minimum. If you’re a fan of racing games or simply games that have a lot of fast-moving action, then these features will give you a solid experience.

The model also comes with full support for AMD FreeSync. This gives you the option to get smoother gameplay by matching the frame rate of the GPU with the refresh rate of the monitor. The FreeSync range is usually between 40Hz and 60Hz which is nice. Though there is no official support for G-Sync, you will still be able to make use of it when using Nvidia graphics cards.

The monitor comes with a couple of features that focus on your eye health. The flicker-free technology comes in handy in reducing the flickers on the screen. This feature reduces flickers and helps in protecting your eyes from eye strain. The blue light filter also brings down the amount of blue light emitted from the display depending on the mode you are using. The gaming and movie modes might not benefit a lot but the reading mode surely emits the least blue light.

For connectivity, the ViewSonic VX2458-MHD model comes with several options. You get a couple of HDMI ports that are very handy when you need to connect this display to a gaming console, gaming desktop, or even a laptop. You also get a display port that can also achieve the same thing based on availability. Other than these two ports, you have an audio jack as well.

The monitor also comes with a couple of 2W speakers. These are okay in terms of audio quality and nothing amazing. If your newly-ordered is yet to arrive, you will do fine with this speaker. If you’re serious about sound, then you should get a dedicated gaming headphone for the best gaming experience.

ViewSonic VX2458-MHD Review – Wrap Up

Finding a reliable gaming monitor on a budget is always going to be a challenge. This ViewSonic VX2458-MHD model is a solid budget monitor that you can’t go wrong with. It comes with excellent features and provides an impressive gaming performance. The refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms response time is brilliant and can offer you fluid gaming experience. The support for AMD FreeSync only makes things a lot better. Go for it if you’re on the hunt for a compromise-free budget gaming monitor.

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