Samsung C27F398 Review

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Are you interested in getting a fancy curved monitor but afraid of the costs? Well, this is 2020 and you can get these curved monitors at a much more affordable rate. In this Samsung C27F398 review, we take a look at this affordable curved monitor from the house of Samsung and see how well it fares among other displays on the market.

For the price, you’re not going to get all the bells and whistles you can expect in a monitor. But this display does well in bringing some impressive specs to the table. The monitor is mainly aimed at people who want a nice curved display at a budget price, and the model manages to do just that. So is this monitor worth your hard-earned money? Let’s find that out in the full review below.


Design is one of the underwhelming things when you’re dealing with a budget monitor. But the Samsung C27F398 is different in that aspect. Samsung has done well to make sure that this monitor doesn’t look or feel cheap.

The primary construction material here is plastic. But this is not the cheap plastic you find in the sub $100 monitors. The plastic used is durable and does a good job when it comes to protecting the panel from behind. The display comes with a glossy finish on the front and a matte finish on the backside. This design is nothing new but it still is refreshing to see that at a budget price.

Thanks to the glossy finish, you are going to get a ton of fingerprints on the monitor. Thankfully, we don’t mess with the monitor too much which saves it from all the touching. The bezels around the screen aren’t that huge. They are also not the slimmest ones we’ve seen on a monitor. Either way, they do not interfere too much when it comes to the viewing experience, though it isn’t as immersive as one would expect.

The aluminum stand keeps the Samsung C27F398 model in its place. The stand has a nice weight to it and holds this Samsung display well without any wobbling. Having said that, there is some wobbling if you intentionally push the monitor to some extent. Regarding flexibility, you can tilt the monitor forward and backward to some extent. Features like swivel, height adjustment, and pivot are absent in this monitor disappointing us a bit.

The display comes with VESA compatibility so mounting this monitor on the wall shouldn’t be much of a problem. The monitor can also be kept on your table as it won’t take up a lot of space. Thanks to the nice stealthy design, this monitor will fit nicely in any room.

There is a limited set of options in the connectivity department of the Samsung C27F398 monitor. You get an HDMI 2.0 port that comes in handy when you need to connect this monitor to a gaming console or a desktop computer. You also get a display port that can also serve the same functionality. There is also an audio jack for using your headphones and mic.

Specs and Features

The Samsung C27F398 monitor is a 27″ LED-backlit display that comes with Full HD resolution. Thanks to the budget price, we only have a VA panel and not an IPS panel. While the VA panel is a much better option compared to a TN panel, it still can’t match the performance of an IPS panel.

The refresh rate of the display is 60Hz which is to be expected in this price range. The monitor comes with a response time of 4ms which is okay, to be honest. These numbers are okay for a monitor and the only saving grace is the fact that this is a budget curved monitor.

The display comes with a curvature of 1800R. For a budget monitor, this is a very good curve radius, and you can’t ask for more. This is a bit more aggressive when compared to other models but it doesn’t come in the way of your immersive viewing experience. The monitor also has a maximum brightness of 250 nits that is quite cool even when you’re going to spending a lot of time indoors.


Samsung C27F398 monitor

The Samsung C27F398 comes with a pretty good performance out of the box. The monitor covers 97% of the sRGB color gamut that should give you an idea of how color-accurate this display is. The deltaE value out of the box is 3.5 which isn’t that great. You can customize this deltaE value to a much lower one and can get a better viewing experience from this model.

The grayscale performance of this display is decent. The blacks are quite deep and the whites are bright enough. This performance is due to the contrast ratio of 3000:1 which is very good for a monitor in this price range. You can achieve this contrast ratio at maximum brightness but it does go down when you bring the brightness down to 50% or lower (which is how we normally use the monitor).

How does the VA panel fare? Like we already mentioned, having a VA panel has its advantages. You are going to get better performance than a TN panel at a similar cost. At the same time, you’re also not going to get an IPS panel’s performance. The color quality and reproduction are good in this panel. You also get viewing angles around 170 degrees which are quite good for a VA panel. The Samsung C27F398 model is a very good fit for media consumption and gaming just based on this.

The response time we have on this model is 4ms. This is not a stellar response time by any means. For a budget monitor, this is okay and you shouldn’t expect any miracles. When gaming, there is very little ghosting and motion blur that can interfere with your gaming experience. This response time is much appreciated when you play games with a lot of details and fast movements.

If you’re going to get a desktop with an AMD graphics card, you will benefit from the FreeSync compatibility. This is similar to what Nvidia offers in the name of G-Sync. All it does is match the refresh rates of the GPU and the monitor and delivers a much smoother experience to the user. The FreeSync range is usually between 40Hz and 60Hz which is quite good.

Samsung C27F398 Review – Wrap Up

That brings this Samsung C27F398 review to its end. This is a beautiful curved display from the house of Samsung and comes at a super affordable price. The display has full HD resolution, a solid contrast ratio, a decent response time, and also a sweet curvature that steals the show. If you’re on the market for a budget curved monitor from a reputable brand, then this Samsung C27F398 model is a very good choice.

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