Codestarter is now part of the Daily Tech Central family.

Codestarter is about giving the opportunity to every child to learn how to code.

But in order to achieve that, every kid must have the ability to have their own computer so that they can work whenever they want to improve their coding skill.

Codestarter does this by partenering with organizations that teach children from ages 7 to 17 how to code. We provide laptops and software in our code kits so that unprevilaged kids will have the chance to give their shot at coding and programming.

The organizations we have partenered with work with schools in underserved populations. They make it easy to identify students with potential to program and code but can’t afford a laptop on their own. When a child like that comes as a recommendation, Codestarter will start the process of crowdfunding for the child’s laptop.

If you want to donate a laptop or pledge some money towards buying a laptop, you can do so without any issues. You also have the option to make a one-time donation or subscribe for a monthly payment. Regardless of what you choose, you will receive a Thank you card from the child who is a benefiting from your donation.

When an aspiring child successfully completes her first program, our partner firm and her school sponsor can recommend that she continue, and the laptop will be hers to keep! We truly believe that laptop ownership is powerful, and we want to empower young kids to be fearless in their pursuits of programming. It’s difficult to become a hacker when you’re only working for an hour once or twice a week on a borrowed piece of equipment!

There are tracking systems in place. Every child and their progress are tracked right from the very beginning.  We also have two controls groups in place–one group who participates in coding classes but does not receive laptops, and a second group who neither receives laptops nor participates in coding classes. These controls are essential in order to study laptop ownership apart from classroom participation. Initial evaluations will occur quarterly for a participant’s first year, and then annually thereafter.

At Daily Tech Central, we are always keen for more technology in the hands of people. When children get the opportunity to learn coding, it can change the way we live and operate. We truly admire what Codestarter has achieved over the years.

Over time Codestarter hope to document the impact of giving a child her or his own laptop, in relation to the child’s life and the tech industry much later. We will be able to see who takes advanced placement exams in computer science, who majors in computer science in college, who graduates with a degree, who takes a first job in programming, who remains in the field for five years, who becomes an entrepreneur, and even who gets funded by VCs. These are ambitious goals, we know. It’s impossible to make any change in the world, small or large, unless you dive in and try.