BenQ GL2760H Review

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If you’re looking for an affordable monitor, you have 100s of options out there in the market. While it is great to have options, having too many of them isn’t going to do any good. In this BenQ GL2760H review, we take a good look at this proven monitor that comes at a budget price and seems to impress people equivocally.

When we are dealing with a budget monitor, it is important to keep our expectations in check. The BenQ GL2760H might be an affordable laptop and might even have some compromises, but it does the basics right. Users who have bought this BenQ display has deemed it as a reliable monitor in the budget category. Let’s dive into the full review and see if this monitor is worth your hard-earned money.


The first impression of the BenQ GL2760H monitor isn’t anything spectacular. This is a budget monitor and the design of this display doesn’t try to hide that fact in any way. The monitor comes with two finishes, a glossy finish on the front and a matte finish on the back.

Black is the only color we see on this monitor that gives it a neat and a stealthy look. BenQ has used plastic as the construction material but we don’t think it is that bad in terms of quality. We have seen monitors with very bad quality plastic builds and this one here is nowhere close to them. We also didn’t observe any flex or creaking noise when given a bit of a push.

For a budget monitor, the size of this one is pretty good. At the thickest spot, the monitor measures about 2.1″ which isn’t that bad. The bezels around the display aren’t that thick but still measure a hefty 0.6″. In terms of looks, this one looks a couple of years old, but for this price, we really shouldn’t complain.

The BenQ GL2760H model comes with a sturdy aluminum stand. It holds the display firmly and you should not see any wobbling even with a bit of pushing. The stand doesn’t come with any features like height adjustment, swivel, or even pivot which is a bit disappointing. However, you can tilt the display forward and backward to a certain degree giving you a little bit of flexibility.


The BenQ GL2760H monitor is a 27″ display that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. For a display in this size category, this resolution manages to hold it together. For even a slightly bigger display, it wouldn’t have been the right resolution. The pixel density is decent and you get crisp images and sharp texts.

Let’s talk about color accuracy. The monitor comes with a TN panel and not an IPS panel. It is because of the TN panel we have a low-priced monitor in our hands. Unfortunately, having a TN panel means you’re losing all the advantage you’d get from an IPS panel.

The BenQ GL2760H display does well you’re right in front of the display. The colors are accurate and there are no color shifting of any kind. But when you move away from that position, you get some color hues that affect the overall picture quality. When viewed from the top, you get a blue-ish hue and when viewed from the bottom, there is a reddish color shift.

Having said that, the contrast ratio (a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1) of this is decent for a TN panel. The blacks and whites are pretty good, and you also get a nice grayscale performance from the display. This makes this a good choice for media consumption, everyday browsing, and also for gaming. Sadly, when you increase the brightness to the max value, there is color shifting as blacks appear more like grays (to be expected in budget monitors).

Talking about brightness, the maximum brightness you can achieve in the BenQ GL2760H model is 300 nits. For a budget monitor, this is a very good number. If you’re going to spend most of your time in a well-lit room, this brightness will come in handy. The monitor also gets quite dim which is an advantage when you need to work in the dark.

Other Features

The OSD menu can be accessed with the help of the buttons behind the right bezel. The menu is easy to read and you can navigate it easily. Some of the menu adjustments include brightness, sharpness, contrast, gamma, saturation, hue, and color temperature. If you don’t want to meddle with these settings you can always select any of the preset modes like Standard, Movie, sRGB, Sports, and so on.

The BenQ GL2760H monitor comes with a response time of 2ms. For a TN panel, this response time is neat. This response time comes in handy when you game, especially games that involve a lot of movements. This response time helps in reducing ghosting to some extent but is not completely successful. But we are dealing with a budget monitor here, and considering that this response time is pretty good.

The anti-glare feature is present though it doesn’t make that big of a difference. If you’re in a brightly lit room, you’re going to get some reflections. Another neat feature is the inclusion of a blue light filter. This might seem like a normal feature, but it can save your eyes from a lot of damage.

If you’re someone who sits long hours in front of your monitor, then using this blue light filter will surely be helpful. The reading mode is where you get the least blue light so reading on this display will do the least damage to your eyesight. This blue light filter is not much help when you’re gaming or when consuming media, but the fact it is there does bring some help.

For connectivity, the BenQ GL2760H display comes with a decent selection of ports. You get a VGA port, a DVI port, an HDMI port, and also an audio jack. All of these ports are super helpful when it comes to connecting your monitor to your desktop or gaming console. You also get a couple of USB 2.0 ports for obvious reasons.

BenQ GL2760H Review – Wrap Up

When it comes to finding a budget monitor, the BenQ GL2760H is as good as it gets. It comes with a good resolution, solid performance, and most importantly a price tag that is affordable for most people. If you’re on the hunt for a solid budget laptop that won’t compromise much, then this one here is a very good choice.

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