ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 Review

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Thinking about getting a mid-range laptop that doesn’t compromise on the essentials? This ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 laptop is a mid-ranger that gives you exactly that. With a price close to $600, this laptop is an affordable one that comes with a good set of hardware inside.

The laptop is aimed at students, light users, and even office-goers who don’t need a lot of power. The fact that it comes with Windows 10 in S mode might put some people off but it’s not much of a dealbreaker. So how good is this laptop in day to day performance? Let’s find that out in the full review below.


Being a budget laptop, there aren’t many expectations in the design department. ASUS also knows that and we get a vanilla-looking laptop that is uninspired and dull. At this price point, there is no point to complain. The gray color also doesn’t help.

But the good news here is that this laptop has a design that has been tested so many times and proven to be just right. If it’s not broken, why fix, right? ASUS seems to have taken it as their mantra and proceeded with it. The laptop even has the conventional brush-metal finish on the lid that we’re so used to.

Let’s talk about portability. This is a 15.6″ laptop and ASUS has done well to keep the weight under 4 pounds. This laptop weighs 3.7lbs and is one of the lightest laptops in this size category. At this point, we have to say that the use of plastics has contributed to making this laptop a portable one. The laptop is also only 0.8″ thick which adds a nice touch in the looks department.

The keyboard on the laptop is an impressive one. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full-size keyboard so you don’t have an advantage if you’re someone who works with numbers a lot. The keys are well laid out and you’ll have a delightful typing experience without any concerns.

The lack of a backlight is a bit disappointing. Cheaper laptops come with backlighting and its absence does not make sense on this laptop. However, the laptop manages to include a fingerprint reader for ease of use and security. This sensor enables you to log in much faster and also to protect your files with the help of a third-party application.

The trackpad on this laptop comes with a standard configuration. It is smooth and doesn’t bring a lot of friction into play. It has full support for all the gestures in the Windows OS so you should be fine there.


The display we have on this ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 is a 15.6-inch LED-backlit wide-view display. The display comes with full HD resolution and has a screen to body ratio of 80% which is pretty good for the price. The size of This reduced bezel has enabled ASUS to bring down the overall footprint of the laptop.

Let’s talk about the picture quality. Since we have an IPS panel underneath the display, the overall quality of output is on par with what we would expect from a budget laptop. The blacks are quite deep with whites expressing good brightness. The greyscale performance of the display is also pretty good.

Do note that this is an antiglare display. The advantage here is that you don’t get a lot of reflections from the display which can help reduce distractions. The problem with having a matte display like this one is that you might lose a bit of accuracy in colors. This is not a huge deal if you don’t work on photos or anything color-related. But if you do, then the screen might not be the right one for you.

The display is perfect for everything a student or a light user would use. You can stream videos on this display from your favorite platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. You can play entry-level games on this display and also work on your office documents with ease. Since this is a wide view display, you can have two windows snapped side-by-side and still get a good view of the contents on both of them.

The speakers on this laptop are decent at best. For the price, you can’t really complain about the speaker situation but if you are an audiophile, then it is better to get a dedicated set of speakers that satisfy your needs.

Processing Power

ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 laptop

The processor that powers the ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 is an AMD A12 9720P processor. This is an entry-level processor from the house of empty and it comes with four physical courts. The processor can clock with the typical base frequency of 2.7 GHz and can go up to a maximum of 3.6 GHz which is not bad for an entry-level processor.

When it comes to handling your everyday needs, this processor does a fine job. It runs essential applications like Web browsers, social media apps, photo editors, office applications, and others without any hiccups. You can even run some mid-range and heavy applications on this laptop as this processor can turbo boost its self to good effect.

The memory department on this laptop is made up of eight gigs of DDR4 RAM. We feel like this memory is the minimum and every laptop should come with it. Asus has done well to include this memory on this laptop and it should be more than enough for most users they are targeting.

As far as multitasking is concerned, this memory will lend you a free hand. You can run several applications side-by-side without having to worry about any lag or performance issues. You might even be able to run virtual machines if the processor can handle it. Overall, this processor and memory combination does a pretty good job, especially considering the price of this laptop.

Storage and Connectivity

The storage we have on this ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 is a 256 GB solid-state drive. This solid-state drive is a very good addition to this laptop as it brings more than just storage space. A solid-state drive is much faster in terms of reading and writing speeds when compared to the traditional mechanical hard drive.

Most budget laptops come with a mechanical hard drive as they can give you the illusion of a lot of space but will suffer in terms of speed. ASUS has done well to go for an SSD which will benefit the user in the long run. For some users, 256 GB might not be enough. You can always get a cheap external hard drive as secondary storage if you need one.

The laptop comes with quite a few connectivity options that will come in handy daily. You get one USB 3.1 Type-C port, one USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, one SD card slot, and an audio jack. The ports are a fine collection and you can handle your connectivity needs without any external adapters. The fact that we have a USB Type-C port on a budget device like this one is a huge advantage for years to come.

The laptop also comes with wireless connectivity standards like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi enables you to get high internet speed without the need for wires. The same can be said for Bluetooth 4.1 as it has a very good range and connectivity is solid.

Graphics Card

This ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 does not come with a dedicated graphics card. Being a budget laptop, it is already anticipated that this laptop has a discrete graphics card. The integrated graphics card is a pretty average one, to be honest.

You will be able to run some entry-level games and some mid-range games if you’re willing to go soft on the settings. Apart from gaming, this graphics card is pretty decent for other graphics requirements like photo editing, and design.

Battery Life

This Asus laptop can last for about 6 to 7 hours with light usage. If you are a student, then this laptop can last you an entire day provide a new use this for notes taking and other simple stuff. Let users will also benefit from this battery life as their routine will be pretty much the same.

If you are planning to do something heavy on this ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 laptop, then we recommend staying plugged into a power source as you don’t want to lose any of your unsaved work

ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 Review – Summary

Overall, this ASUS Vivobook F510QA-DS99 is a fantastic budget laptop that gives you an excellent display, a decent processor, adequate memory, and impressive battery life. This laptop is a good performer when it comes to handling your everyday needs and activities. If you are a student or a light user, then this laptop is best suited for you. For those on a budget, it will be very hard to find a laptop that gives you the same level of features and performance.

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